Ranch & School Visits

Llama Ranch Visits
(also known as Llama Llessons)

ShangriLlama receives many requests for ranch visits, so we have decided to open our gates once per week through an exclusive arrangement with Groupon.com. We call these visits Llama Llessons, because guests enjoy a 60-minute, interactive, educational session about llamas. Meet these fascinating animals and learn about them from head to toe!

Mama Llama

Llama Llessons are offered on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. in our fully enclosed barn.

Llama Llessons are ideal for:

  • Individuals that don’t know any other llama llovers
  • Couples seeking a unique, shared experience
  • Families with children of any age (3 years & under are free!)
  • Grandparents seeking a learning experience with their grandchildren
  • Preschool and kindergarten classes (Call Mama Llama to book a private llesson.)
  • Home-school students
  • Church youth groups
  • Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies & Girl Scouts
  • Summer school camps
  • Vacation Bible Schools (VBS)

After you have purchased your Groupon, please click below to reserve your Llama Llessons:

Our Llamas Visit Schools!

ShangriLlama’s educational sessions are based on its children’s book, The Llamas of ShangriLlama, which teaches 30 interesting facts about llamas to encourage children to read, to appreciate rhyme, and to increase their reading comprehension in a fun way. Your school library will receive a complimentary copy of The Llamas of ShangriLlama.

Llama Book

At no charge, ShangriLlama brings its llamas to elementary schools solely in conjunction with a PTA book fundraiser. For each book sold before or during the visit, ShangriLlama will donate 20% of the proceeds to your school’s PTA! Additionally, each book sold before the llamas’ visit will be signed by the author, Mama Llama!

To schedule your school’s llama visit, please e-mail Mama Llama with your proposed date and time via llama@ShangriLlama.com. Our llamas are fully licensed, insured, and they don’t kick, bite or spit at people!

The Llamas of ShangriLlama is also available for purchase in the Llama Gifts section of this website (free shipping!) and on www.amazon.com.